What if empirical evidence in space exploration disproves a few theoretical physics concepts

Planck cruising to L2Phys.org – latest science and technology news stories via \’Planck\’ puts Einstein to the testThe “Planck” satellite mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) has return some data that once fully analyzed,  may challenge some of Einstein’s ideas on dark energy and the theory of gravitation.  It is still early, and more research and analysis of the findings need to be done, but it does make the tension between the experimentalists and the theorists obvious. Just like when everyone at CERN during the Large Hadron Collider first month debut, bitting thier collective nails waiting for the Higgs Bison to be measured into reality. All this is so very new and exciting and really phenomenal that we are able to see theory testing of such cosmic space in our life time.


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