Information/Stimulation/Stress Filters & Pumps (behind the increase in ADHS, Autism Spectrum and Aspergers)

Under Construction…this is my draft notes at the moment

Your senses bombard your brain with so much data at any one time that, in order to maintain your sanity you only process a very small fraction of the incoming data. What your brain accesses is dictated by filters that are combinations of who you believe you are, your values and beliefs and your memories.” (on Paradigm Shift’s facebook status 1/22/2010 at 11:40pm CST)

1) increase in ASDs…quote CDC and other sources not just due to better diagnosis

2) past 25 years an explosion and in globalization, digital information sources and access, content, consumerisms, personal choices, demands for multi-sensory/multi tasking, more variety/diversity/intensity of textures, sounds, smells, tastes, visual/moving, chemical

3) children are exposed to passive over stimulation much earlier

4) This over stimulation stress can cause chemical brain reactions during development (brain changes as it adapts to chronic stress) that may heighten certain brain activity resources as more needed (to be utilized) and other resources as less needed for survival (ie; environmental informational awareness/perception that seems to affect survival)

5) human computer

6) stress is a threat…assess, respond (adapt, defend, or flee)

7) Anxiety disorder,


sleep, good diet, social connectedness, physical activity, quiet-relaxed awake time, physical affection, positive self concept and accepting understanding support network, sense of meaning and higher purpose/power


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